Do you know your credit score? Monitor it for free + win $250!

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Provided byBorrowell
Number Available1
DeadlineJune 30, 上海11选5
Type of AwardContest


Level of StudyCertificate; Diploma; Post-diploma; Associate; Bachelor; Master; Doctorate;
Field of StudyAny Field of Study
Year of StudyAll Years
Course LoadFull-time or Part-time
School of StudyAny School
Region of Studyn/s
Schools AttendedAny School
Region of ResidenceCanada
Academic Standing0
Financial NeedNo
Status in CanadaPermanent Resident
Automatic ConsiderationNo


Follow these simple steps to win:

1. Visit Borrowell by clicking the link from ScholarshipsCanada

2. Sign up for free credit score monitoring

3. You're automatically entered to win $250. It's that easy!

Why is it important to know your credit score?

Your financial choices influence your credit score. And your credit score influences your financial choices. Whether you’re looking to rent a place, start a new job, finance a car or make another decision, your credit score will be taken into account. Having a good credit score will make it easier (and cheaper!) to do all those things.

Knowing your credit score is the first step to understanding and improving it.


Not Available in Quebec


Contact Information

Contact NameBorrowell Inc.
Application Address
Tuesday, March 31, 上海11选5

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