Archived Polls

What is your biggest concern in the coming months? 30/04/上海11选5
Are you going to continue with your plan for post-secondary during and after this pandemic? 13/04/上海11选5
How are you dealing with social distancing and isolation during the coronavirus pandemic? 26/03/上海11选5
Are you concerned about the novel coronavirus, COVID-19? 13/03/上海11选5
Do you feel you had enough support from guidance counsellors when choosing which schools & programs to apply to? 28/02/上海11选5
Have you started looking for summer employment? 18/02/上海11选5
How did you decide which programs to apply for? 03/02/上海11选5
What's the most difficult part of applying for schools? 20/01/上海11选5
How is your typical sleep schedule? 08/01/上海11选5
What's your New Year's resolution for 上海11选5? 02/01/上海11选5
What are your plans for the holidays? 20/12/2019
How do you manage stress when things get heavy? 09/12/2019
What's your favourite part of the holiday season? 09/12/2019
How many schools are you applying to for next year? 25/11/2019
Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week runs from November 17-23. This is a good opportunity to learn more about bullying and its effects on student well-being. In your opinion, what *is* bullying? 13/11/2019
How is the school selection process going? 30/10/2019
Would you be interested in receiving text message alerts for upcoming scholarship deadlines or nearby events? 22/10/2019
Do you plan to vote in the upcoming Canadian federal election? 27/09/2019
Will you be participating today in the global climate strike? 27/09/2019
Are you attending post-secondary school full-time or part-time? 20/09/2019

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