Scholarships for Business Students

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Studying business administration, marketing, or sales in Canada? Check out these awards!

上海11选5A Canadian business student searches for scholarships and bursaries for business students in Canada.

If your goal is to lead a business or organization into the future with a strong sales and marketing, strategy, you'll need a little help.

That's why we've gathered some of the most exciting awards for business students on .

$4,000 | Deadline: January 31

If you're interested in graduate studies at the master's or doctorate level, and you're considering the transportation industry, check out this award.

You'll have better odds if you've got your research topic selected and can share a summary of your work alongside your transcripts and two letters of reference.

$750 | Deadline: February 15

If you're an Alberta resident, and you identify as First Nations, this award from the Alberta Indian Investment Corporation is for you.

Just submit a short statement of personal and academic objectives, emphasizing how your course will contribute to First Nations economic development in Canada. You'll also need to include your transcripts! A strong academic average couldn't hurt, either.

$4,000 | Deadline: February 28

Studying international business? If you're full-time in a bachelor's degree program in a Canadian university or college, and you've got great grades — at least a B average — you could qualify.

If you've got study or work experience outside of Canada, you'll have a leg up on the competition!

$3,000 | Deadline: March 31

If you live and attend school in Saskatchewan, and you're thinking about a career in telecommunications — even on the business or marketing side — you should check out the SaskTel Scholarships.

You can study at any level, from certificate to diploma or degree. As long as you've got at least a 75% average, you should be eligible!

$5,000 | Deadline: May 29

Husky Energy is committed to supporting Indigenous students at the university and levels. If you've got experience at work or in your community, and have financial need, this award could be for you.

Husky also offers opportunities for work and professional development through its Indigenous Mentorship Program.

$4,000 | Deadline: May 31

This award, offered by the Black Business & Professional Association, is offered to two Black students each year studying business.

The BBPA is dedicated to supporting and promoting the academic achievement of Black Canadian youth.

$1,000 | Deadline: June 30

This award is intended to help women advance in leadership roles. If you're a female applicant with experience in leadership, and you're studying at the master's or PhD level, check this award out.

You'll need a couple of business references, as well as a one-page summary of your business experience and your perspective on leadership.

$4,000 | Deadline: June 30

Northwestel is dedicated to supporting northern students in their post-secondary endeavours. The program offers 6 awards per year to communities across the North.

Applications for June 上海11选5 are opening soon. Northwestel also offers summer employment opportunities and the chance at a career after graduation.

$2,000 | Deadline: June 1

Open to residents of British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, this award supports students who identify as Aboriginal and are considering a business role in the oil and gas industry.

Demonstrated community involvement is an important factor for this award, so you'll want to be engaged with your community. You can even re-apply for this award to a maximum of four years!

$1,000 | Deadline: July 31

This award is specifically for Canadian students entering the insurance industry, in a claims-related discipline.

If your goal is working in insurance, and you're a Canadian citizen, you should absolutely check out this award.

$5,000 | Deadline: September 15

If you're looking at a career in advertising, in any field, from writing to digital art, you should check this award out.

All you need to do is share a portfolio demonstrating your original thinking and fine craftsmanship. Easy, right? Submissions open in August. Better get started!

There are more great awards to catalogue, so tune into this page for updates! And don't forget to check out the schools you're interested in directly, as many offer general and specific scholarships to students.

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